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Heatlok Soya® For Architects

For Architects Heatlok Soya® is rigid, closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation that offers superior performance, versatility and value to architects who are addressing today's environmental challenges through innovative products and designs. Heatlok Soya® allows architects greater design options and improved materials to create energy-efficient, superior-quality institutional, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. It fully self-adheres to the substrate, providing a seamless, monolithic air and vapour barrier that conforms to irregular shapes and allows for easy detailing around areas where air could potentially penetrate. By blocking air, dirt, allergens and vapour from entering in the building envelope, Heatlok Soya® stops mould, mildew and wall damage due to condensation and/or ex-filtration air movement.

Heatlok Soya® For Builders

For Builders seeking to improve the cost, quality and environmental friendliness of their commercial and residential projects choosing HEATLOK® SOYA spray foam insulation is the way to go. Its rigid, closed cell polyurethane formula ranks amongst the best in the industry for operating efficiency, value, cost-control, durability and environmental benefits. Heatlok Soya® allows builders to create energy-efficient, superior-quality buildings by forming a durable air barrier envelope that prevents dirt, allergens and vapour from entering the assembly. As a result, there is less opportunity for mold, mildew and wall damage due to condensation, and the building's interior is cleaner, healthier and more comfortable.

Heatlok Soya® For Home Owners

For home owners Heatlok Soya® spray foam insulation offers home owners a safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to create comfortable, clean and healthy homes. Heatlok Soya® wraps your home in an airtight polyurethane blanket to keep dirt, allergens and moisture where they belong - outside. By controlling humidity from entering in the wall assembly, it prevents mould and mildew from forming inside the exterior walls. As a result, your home enjoys superior air quality and you enjoy the savings and benefits that come from knowing that your family is protected.

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Heatlok Soya Spray Foam Insulation is rigid, closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation that offers superior performance, versatility and value

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