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Jan. 2010

To the Management & Staff at PFSI

As you know, I have been associated with the Spray Polyurethane Foam industry for approximately twenty years now and have seen many changes in the industry over this time. I have watched this industry grow from its humble beginnings back in the late 1980’s to become a highly respected industry leader in quality assurance in Canada. All of the PFSI staff exhibit an elevated level of professionalism, dedication and hard work which is reflected in the high level of success that PFSI enjoys.

On an ongoing basis I meet with numerous of the contractors that form part of the CUFCA quality assurance program across Canada. Many contractors have very complementary things to say about the technical support provided with regards to equipment, building code issues, as well as the SPF chemical systems used on projects countrywide.

I  personally know there is a tremendous amount of effort that goes into coordinating the training courses that are delivered at the PFSI headquarters in Waterloo, as well as other locations, several times each year. Jack Napora certainly brings many years of experience with equipment to the table along with his great sense of humor which is enjoyed by everyone! Lance Brunk, Steve Lesperance, and the other sales representatives at PFSI have decades of experience in spray polyurethane foam that no other organization can match in our industry. At every course, the personnel are very helpful and assist each participant in completing the necessary paperwork which is one component to become certified installer and licensed contractor.

Each group of new installers and contractors that attend the training courses is informed: “That we are very protective of our industry”.  The purpose of this statement is to help instill the true sense of responsibility and professionalism to each of the participants. The process that assists in making this happen is certainly reflective of the business plan at PFSI. One of the other key components to making this happen is the CUFCA quality assurance program that everyone benefits from. Dan Clayton (owner of PFSI) has been an integral part of this program since its inception in the 1980’s.

Members of Building Professionals, myself included, work all across North America providing training and other facets of the quality assurance programs to numerous construction industry sectors. PFSI has utilized these services for many years and we are proud to have worked with the entire staff to ensure the highest standard of quality in the spray polyurethane foam industry in the country.


Peter Spafford
Quality Assurance & Training Manager
Building Professionals

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