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May 2013

The polyurethane foam  insulation job done by our contractor got right to the core of what my family tried to achieve in reducing our heating and cooling costs by at least 50% in our home.

Our experience with the installation was pleasing  in that the job went quickly.  The Canadian Urethane Foam Contractor certified installer explained what was involved with the work to be done, stuck to his frame, and came within his quotation and our budget.

Our research had shown the importance of quality insulation in a dwelling and Air Tightness testing cam e through with an air change result of .5 per hour.  This makes our home of the highest energy efficiency on the market to-day with these test results assuring  us that  the installation of Polarfoam PF-7300 spray foam  was an excellent choice.  This is why I try to convince all my building customers that spray foam insulation is the way to go for optimum  insulation results.

We are now set up for life to enjoy the heat/cooling cost savings, - but most of all enjoy our environmentally sound and friendly , comfortable family home.

Derek Seaman

Heatlok Soya Spray Foam Insulation is rigid, closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation that offers superior performance, versatility and value

POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA, is an environmentally friendly, high performance, closed cell rigid polyurethane foam used for insulation, and is spray applied exclusively by certified applicators

SEALECTION 500 is one of the premier semi-rigid, open-cell, environmentally friendly spray foam insulation in Canada today.